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Just Last Week

It was just last week, wasn't it, when we were walking up to the bus stop together? I had my coffee mug in one hand while trying to hold Abby's squirming hand in the other. You both were walking up ahead of me with your little Pokemon and Ninja backpacks on. I remember you walked on ahead as far as you dared before I told you, "Boys- don't get too far ahead! Stop and wait for me." You stopped for just a moment, then kept sneaking a step or two when you thought I wasn't looking.  You were taking those little steps- away from me-moving in your own direction toward independence.

Or was it just last week you both went to the prom? Eddie, you were a senior, and Ricky, you were a junior. We were way past the stage of making you do everything together, so you surprised me when you said you were double dating. Benny helped you with your ties and jackets. I took pictures to document every part of the evening. You were becoming men right before my eyes. Even as I watched you through the lens taking this picture, I knew these special days, and silly moments were limited. You were both still taking those giant steps away from me- toward independence.

No, neither of those things were just last week. In fact, it was just this week that Benny and I took you both to Vincennes University. I'm so glad I remembered to take a picture of you both in the middle of all the chaos of getting you settled in your rooms. I'm confident that I've given you enough of my wisdom and guidance to last you at least until Christmas Break. I'm thankful you're both there--separate but together. What a great day it was, from the hurried beginning all the way to those last few minutes when we hugged and said goodbye. With a lump in my throat, letting the tears finally come, I watched you both walking away from us. Moving in your own direction- toward your own future and independence.

The post "Just Last Week" was originally published on August 22, 2015

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