Julie Boyles

Motion Devotions Archive


I was reminded last week just how vital it is for us to connect, comfort, and care for each other. So this week we are focusing on friendship. What do the Scriptures have to say about how we're supposed to relate to one another? 

As I think about my relationships, I see many dear friends from my younger days. They are the ones who know my heart almost as well as I know it. Some I see often, and some not often enough. And there are new friendships as well. They are blooming and growing but developing deep roots at the same time. These new friends will soon become as dear to me as my older ones. I count myself very blessed for these people in my life. How wonderful it is to go below the surface and get to know them on a deeper level.

What kind of friendships do you have? As we look at the Scriptures this week, I hope you'll share with your friends what the Bible has to say about these very special relationships.