Julie Boyles

Motion Devotions Archive

John 12:46


"This September light is just dazzling," I thought to myself.

Sunday morning as I was driving to church, I saw a huge spiderweb hanging from a street light like a banner. It was foggy with just enough sunlight to shine through the web and highlight the dew on the strands.---

 Last night the "golden hour" light was particularly golden as I watched the bees feeding on my flowers in the back yard. ---

 And this morning’s sunrise was no slacker either with its’ shades of pink, orange and lavender lighting up the room while I drank my coffee.

And then I read this verse. "Jesus came as a light…"

I’m going to remember this in the coming days as our stunning summer light turns into fall and winter’s darkness. Jesus is the light to look for. His light is always life-giving AND dazzling.