Julie Boyles


Despite my unconventional short hair,  I think I'm the typical mid-western wife and mom. I'm normally a homebody, but as my kids get older I find myself wanting to get out more and maybe even doing some travelling. I'm quick to laugh, and to cry. I like to tell my kids funny stories from when I was their age, especially if there's a lesson for them to learn in the story. I've also been known to tear up when The Star Spangled Banner is being played at the high school football game. Almost nothing will stop me from crying during one of my kids choir concerts. I'm scared of big crowds, tornadoes, and have a true dislike for mice. 

I've been married to my husband Benjamin for 22 years. We have three great kids Eddie, Patrick, and Abby. Eddie and Patrick are off at college. Abby will still be around for a few more years, thank goodness. We are a Christian family and are dedicated to the Lord as well as the church where we are members. 

As our kids get older and my husband and I face being empty nesters I've turned my attention to mashing up my writing and art. I enjoy doodling, reading, and learning new things.

Thanks for visiting. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at juliejboyles@gmail.com (don't forget that middle j!)